Felted gnomes from the Blues forest 

Felted gnomes 

Felting is a very old technique for making fabric out of wool. I use it mostly just for fun - for making all kinds of gnomes.

My gnomes are made of wool and nothing else except for their eyes and their beard. They are even filled with wool. 

The gnomes living with me in the Blues forest prefer red hats around Christmas. The Blues gnomes always have blue hats, the Forest gnomes green hats and the Fox gnomes have fox beards. But most of them are grey all over the year. Sometimes you see a gnome with a red nose. It is one of the gnomes who have drunk too much "glögg"  (glühwein). This will hopefully not be a problem for you if you bring him home, but you can't be sure.

When a gnome comes into your house he prefers to sit in a dark place where he can see and hear everything without being seen himself.

All gnomes are active during nights, so don't be surprised if you find them somewhere else in the morning than where you put them last night!